Friends: Please CLICK ON THE IMAGE to read the entire post. A relatively long – and for me important – text will follow, so please: Read it before you start looking at images. Thank you! I´m glad to announce my new photography blog. http://i-maginable.com .It will keep developing for a while. Most of all,  it´s…


Friends I urge you all to have a look at these amazing environmental images of the year from BBC. You also find them in the menu. The finalists from this years competition. Enjoy! Click on the image or the link. – after you enter BBC´s page: click on one of the images for a slideshow….

Please visit the album “Traveling USA” – click HERE

Please visit my gallery: After a long time of  no activity, I now have reentered the sphere of the imagepublishers. Visit and enjoy: http://jalbum.net/en/browse/user/album/1475487

Introducing Jalbum updates:

 My method for showing new images in the near future will be uploading new albums to the jalbum server. Here is a small sample from the album “Feminine”.

I’m back!

Hi! Let’s face it! I’m not a frequent blogger. But recently I’v come to a point where I’ve started publishing images at the jalbum server. The image posted here is from the album “Feminine” Whenever I have something new to show, I will publish again. If you want to see what happens: Register as a…

Just listen

Just listen!!!

In open air


  Playing with light and shadow


From the series: “Playing”