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I´m glad to announce my new photography blog. .It will keep developing for a while. Most of all,  it´s a gateway to my internet albums. I hope you like what you see. Please send me comments – especially if you have ideas for improvement!

For many years, I´ve been  passionate about photography as a way of expressing myself. I´ve been through many stages:  From a very primitive box camera in late 1950´s  to full frame digital today. From “wet” darkroom during most of my life to digital darkroom the last approx. 15 years.  From naturalistic, un-manipulated photography to working with high degrees of layer-on-layer manipulation in Photoshop. From  simple,  traditional snapshots to sophisticated attempts to make images that had a chance of becoming accepted in national and international competitions.

A few years ago this all came to an end!  I entered a process of  learning about the damage humanity is doing to the planet that sustains us. Climate Change / Global Warming, and all the consequences for our civilization – became my main focus.  And since photography has been a lifelong passion,I started thinking about how to use photography as a tool in the battle against Climate Change.

As an experiment, I´ve therefore also included a couple of links to sites with images related to Climate Change. These images are not my own, but hopefully they can be an inspiration – to myself and others – to start making images that can be tools in a call for action!

I am certain that images and movies can be very efficient tools for learning, shortcuts to opening mind and soul to what really matters. Therefore, I also created a CLIMATE CINEMA – a gateway with hundreds of  shorter and longer documentaries telling the viewer about the challenges we are facing and what we need to do. it keeps growing all the time. You find it here: .

Also: Do visit my latest creation: The climate change education website SAVING OUR PLANET:  Welcome inside, to learn about the most urgent threat to our civilization, and what YOU can do to help fight it.

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